Shopping in Turkey

Turkey is a shopping paradise, from antique shops and chic boutiques to shopping malls, historical bazaars to local markets.



You will immediately find that shopping in Turkey is alluring for a wide range of very authentic, exclusive and beautiful things. Ever since the days of the ancient trade routes, Turkey has been a shopper’s paradise. Visitors are deeply impressed by many interesting stuffs to buy from carpets to paintings to clothes.

Local Shops

Most shopping is done at local “markets” which are simply grocery shops. These shops usually sell basic foodstuffs as well as standard household cleaning materials, cigarettes, newspapers, phone cards, etc. If you go out without your money, a neighbourhood shop may let you do shopping for a later payment. However, prices are often higher than in the supermarkets, especially in touristic areas.

Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

The experience of shopping in a Turkish supermarket will be familiar, with prices clearly displayed on the shelves and machines to check the prices of any items that have been overlooked. At the checkout you will be presented with an itemised receipt and will be able to pay with a credit card or debit card.  Increasingly the supermarkets have large out-of-town and shopping-mall stores as well as smaller city-centre branches. They are often open from 10 AM until 10 PM. 

Street Markets

The best place to shop for fruit and vegetables remain the street markets which take place almost everywhere in Turkey on a weekly basis. As well as fruit and vegetables, most street markets sell a range of fresh cheeses, eggs, some meat, dry biscuits, cleaning materials, some clothes and some fabrics. Depending on where you are, you may also be able to buy local specialities at the market.


Istanbul has several excellent English-language bookshops as well as one or two selling books in French and German. Ankara and Izmir also have a handful of English language bookshops, as do most of the major coastal resorts. You can always order books over the internet. Deliveries are quite good to even rural Turkey. You may come together with friends to place an order and reduce postage costs.

Shopping Malls

Turkey has a growing number of town-centre and out-of-town shopping malls which resemble the giant malls to be found all over the Western world, including the same brand-name stores inside them and the vast car parks outside. These are great places to shop for clothes, furniture and household goods under one roof. Some also contain branches of the larger supermarkets. Most also have a bookshop with some foreign books as well as large food halls. Often they even offer wireless internet services. Most have banks and cash machines as well as cinemas.


Clothing can cost depending on what you are up to. Sometimes you may decide that basic cheap clothing may actually cost less at home. If you want to keep to a budget, the best thing to do is to frequent the various street markets.

Elsewhere in Istanbul, you can find some fashionable clothing shops along Istiklal Caddesi in Beyoglu. If you want to shop for the upmarket brand names, you should head straight for Tesvikiye, Nisantasi or Bagdat Caddesi in Suadiye.

All over Turkey you will also be able to pick up cheap imitations of famous brand names; start looking in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Turkey has an important home-grown textile industry. Much of what is made is exported. There are many stores selling excellent home-manufactured clothes. There are also foreign brand stores available across the country. Prices might be slightly higher.     

Factory Outlets

Istanbul is a factory outlet heaven. You can find many of them by looking them up on the internet or by exploring the back streets of Merter. There are also an increasing number of outlet shops on the outskirts of the larger cities that sell big-name labels at discount prices.

Student Discounts

Domestic and international students are offered discounts by public transportation, restaurants, cinemas, museums, book stores, shops and many others. Discounts may range from 10% to 50%. You should always check the availability and take the advantage of offers on travel, shopping, museums, restaurants and more.

If you are a student abroad, but can’t visit Turkey on a student visa, before coming to Turkey, you may apply for one of the International Student Cards that offer international student identification cards, youth ID cards, or faculty/teacher ID cards in order to benefit from student discounts in Turkey. To qualify for the international student card, you must be a student of at least 12 years of age. There is no upper age limit to qualify for the student card. Youth cardholders must be under the age of 26. International Student Cards are internationally recognized identification cards that will save you money on your travels abroad.

Some Shopping Malls

     •  Akmerkez :
     •  Capitol :
     •  Cevahir :
     •  Kanyon :
     •  Mayadrom :
     •  Metrocity :
     •  Karum :

Some Bookshops

     •  D&R :
     •  Homer Kitabevi :
     •  Mira Publishing :
     •  Pandora Bookstore :
     •  Remzi Kitabevi :  

Some Turkish labels

     •  Mavi Jeans :
     •  Vakkorama :
     •  Zeki Triko :
     •  Collezione :
     •  Beymen :
     •  Koton :

Some Media Markets

     •  Teknosa :
     •  Vatan Computers :
     •  Darty :
     •  Media Markt :


Turkey is a shopping paradise, from antique shops and chic designer boutiques to shopping malls, historical bazaars to local markets but you need to know some tricks of shopping. Shopping can be a very lifely experience for those who have never been in the country before. Ever since the days of the Silk Road, Turkey has been a magnet for merchants purveying in the exotic and wonderful, and those in search of retail therapy. Shopping is a really nice thing to do in your spare time while you are in Turkey.


hopping in Turkey reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Turkey’s companies and brands, assisting you in choosing more eco-friendly, ethical products that support the growth of social responsibility and ethical business as well as a more sustainable, just society.

Things You Should Know Before Going Shopping

Everything You Need to Know Before Going Shopping

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Whether you're looking for famous food markets, high-fashion clothing boutiques, or classic antique shops, Turkey's best shopping destinations have something for browsers and shopaholics alike—from a perfect souvenir to a major purchase to remember your trip forever.

The Best Shopping Destinations in Turkey

urkey is one of the world's great shopping destinations. Shopping in Turkey can be a very lifely experience for those who have never been in the country before. Shopping is a really nice thing to do in your spare time while you are in Turkey. Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir are of course, some of the best shopping destinations for tourists. Read our guide to Turkey's best shopping areas and shopping streets and find out where to shop in Turkey.

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Though many modern Turks might have embraced designer boutiques and shopping malls, the bazaar is still the place for many locals, and most visitors, to search out (and haggle over) traditional goods like ceramics, handicrafts, soaps, sweets and, of course, carpets.

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Turkey Shopping: A Shopaholic’s Dream Come True!

Turkey is a mecca for shopaholics with its rich avenues filled with historical bazaars and souks interspersed with new-age markets.


Big and sterile shopping malls, online shopping, chic attractive stores lined up on both sides of the avenues… None of them can compete with weekly neighborhood Bazaars for Turks! Bazaars are set up in almost every district on different days of the week. In addition to fresh vegetables and fruit, clothing, decorative accessories, antiques, stationery and many other things are sold at very reasonable prices. The Bazaars are open from 09:00 until dark. Recently, many stands have started to offer credit card facilities, which also increase interest in Bazaars.


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