Work in Turkey

Discover what it's like working in Turkey, including information about the job market, vacancies, language requirements, and visas.

Working in Turkey as a Foreigner: What You Need to Know

In the last decade, draconian and outdated laws about working in Turkey as a foreigner have changed for the better. Before the turn of the century, many foreigners were working illegally in the country, and the results were disastrous. They didn’t have health coverage and were often overworked and scammed out of pay

Work In Turkey : Finding Jobs and Working Permits

Many foreigners want to work in Turkey but which jobs maximize chances and what about work permits? Discussing teaching, Internet freelancing, bar and hotel jobs

Jobs in Turkey

As a foreign worker, you'll be hard pushed to embark on some careers in Turkey due to Turkish government restrictions on recruitment - the legal, medical and mining fields are all off-limits to international applicants.

How to get a job in Turkey

Your hunt for a Turkish job begins at home, as you'll need confirmation of work to secure a work permit before you arrive in the country. There are a number of search engines you can use to kick-start the process:

Tourism opportunities

There are plenty of summer opportunities out there for workers who would like just a taste of Turkish culture while earning some money, particularly in the tourism industry.

Teaching jobs

As the country looks to continue building links with English-speaking economies, TEFL teachers are sought after across all parts of Turkey and for students of all age groups.


Completing an internship abroad is the perfect way to get a flavour for somewhere new while boosting your career prospects.

Turkish visas

It is highly recommended that foreigners, who wish to visit Turkey, should read the related information about our country's visa regime.

Language requirements

While English is a reasonably common form of business communication in bigger cities, and there isn't a standardised language test to pass before arriving in Turkey, you'll struggle to get by without at least some understanding of Turkish.

What's it like to work in Turkey?

As 99.8% of the Turkish population is Muslim, religious holidays are of great importance. Two Islamic festivals, a three-day celebration of the end of Ramadan and the four-day Feast of Sacrifice, accompany the seven Turkish national holidays.

Work In Turkey : Discussing Jobs & Working Permits

Every summer many holidaymakers fall in love with Turkey and develop a dream to return here but the only way they can sustain that vision is by finding work to support themselves financially.


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